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y-en-Ponthieu—whence, even if defea●ted, it had a secure retreat through Flande▓rs—there to give battle to the French.When▓ day dawned on the 26th August 1346●, the battle was formed on the sl●opes of the Vallé des Clercs,● with the right flank resting on th●e village of Crecy, situated à cheval the riv▓er Maye, a shallow stream som▓e ten feet broad.The left flank ▓was protected somewhat by a belt of trees▓ near Wadicourt, and the position—ab▓out a mile long—faced south-east▓, and was held in three bodies; the first▓, on the right, under the Prince of Wales, wit●h Lords Warwick and Oxford, ●was comp

osed of 800 men-at-arms, 10●00 Welsh infantry, and 200 archers, wi●th 2000 Welsh and Irish infantry in sup▓port;6 the second, on the left, comma●nded by the Earls of Arundel, Northampton, a●nd Willoughby, with Lords Ba▓sset and Ross, contained 800 men of all arms; wh●ile in rear of the right wing was ●the reserve, 1700 men-at-arm▓s and 2000 archers, commanded by ●the king in person. The baggage wa●s securely pack

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ed in a wood in rear▓ of all.Each of the wings was arranged● with archers “formed in the man▓ner of a portcullis or barrow,●” and the men-at-arms dismounted.The king ▓utilised the steadiness of the ▓dismounted men-at-arms to resist the charge▓ of the enemy’s cavalry, while● shaking and demoralising him in his advanc●e by fire.It was not unlike the “Battaglia” ▓of the civil war in principle, which were c▓omposed of “pikes” in the mass and  癜shot” at the angles.The longbow was no bad we●apon as time went.It could range four ▓hundred yards, was silent, and rapid to shoo●t, and, like modern smokeless po●wder, did not obscure the field o●f view.There is little doubt that the real for▓matio